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Corporate Culture

The corporate logo is an icon that illustrates and expresses the corporate soul and culture of the R.L. Mark Group of companies.

The logo is composed of four main elements:

The Dove is the main symbol and represents the Holy Spirit descending and filling the space provided for Him in the centre of the individual and the corporate structure which R.L. Mark & Co. Ltd. is building. The tail of the dove is in the shape of a pointed tower representing upward growth, productivity, prosperity, and visibility. The equal space between the wings represents the importance of accurate balance between the spiritual and the natural. The flame-like appearance of the dove represents the Holy Spirit burning away the individual and corporate imperfections as we allow Him to do so.

The Diamond symbolises the object (R.L. Mark & Co. Ltd.) which the Dove has entered in order to shape and form it under pressure and heat, over time, to produce something of beauty, value, excellence and endurance. To become a sharp instrument that has the ability to cut through hard objects and resistance with precision & accuracy; it symbolises what the R.L. Mark Group is seeking to become by allowing the dove to enter, shape and form it.

The Name and the type style form a link with the past even as the company migrates toward the future.

The Slogan provides a further link with the past. However it is applied in a global manner around the diamond representing the companies‘ vision for global excellence and its ability to reach into the region and indeed the world impacting it with the excellence of who and what the R.L. Mark Group is.

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