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R. L. Mark’s slogan, “The Hallmark of Excellence” doesn’t just apply to our bottom line. Now more than ever, we understand and respect the interconnected nature of our world and are working to responsibly contribute to the sustainable development of our country, our region and our world. Financial success means little if those around us suffer or are restrained from fulfilling their potential as a result of our deeds.

Because R. L. Mark recognizes these truths, we have implemented a series of social and environmental initiatives. We work to ensure that society, as a whole prospers, not just our employees and customers.

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Our Going Green Programme

One of R. L. Mark’s flagship initiatives is the Going Green Programme. Under it, we educate companies how to fine-tune their printing processes and lessen their environmental impact.

For more information on R. L. Mark’s social and environmental initiatives, contact us.


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