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In any business, it’s important to manage the flow of information. You must be able to save your digital documents, find them easily when the need arises, protect them from intruders and recover them if your system goes down. Not being prepared for any of these contingencies could prove disastrous for your company.

To help our customers build a solid foundation for their businesses, R. L. Mark offers document management software. Our available applications will empower you to keep you information secure, organised and easily retrievable.

Features of Document Management Applications

R. L. Mark offers a wide range of software for your document management needs. Available applications come with many helpful features, including:

  • Easy, out-of-the-box installation

  • Integration with FileBound, MS Sharepoint, SentryFile and other applications

  • The ability to create searchable PDFs

  • Security and privacy measures such as PIN codes

  • Indexing tools for fast retrieval of information

  • The option to retrieve SharePoint documents from your multifunction printer or MFP

  • A full-text search engine

For more information on our document management applications, contact R. L. Mark.