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Maintaining security and minimizing costs are vital to any business. A company cannot succeed unless it protects its information and processes. At the same time, a business cannot truly thrive if needless expenses eat up its profits or if payments are mishandled.

R. L. Mark’s available business applications can help keep your business secure and financially viable. Our cost control and security software will simplify payment processing and enable you to find out how much your company spends printing and copying documents. In addition to this, you can monitor and restrict wasteful access to your equipment or the inappropriate use of the device.

Cost Control Benefits

Determining your company’s printing and copying costs may seem like a near-impossible task. So could keeping track of how each payment is processed. R. L. Mark’s business applications make it not just possible but easy. They enable you to:

  • Track how many prints and copies each user, department, and client account makes.
  • Determine who or which departments spend the most on printing and much more.

Security Benefits

R. L. Mark’s applications can also help protect your information and resources in a variety of ways. With them, you can:

  • Control who accesses your multifunction printer (or MFP)
  • Restrict which MFP functions a person can use
  • Integrate the application with your company’s ID badge or building access card system
  • Monitor all MFP activity
  • Reduce printer and copier waste

To learn more about R. L. Mark’s cost control and security applications, contact us.