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What if you could print, view and store documents without needing your company’s desktops and laptops? R. L. Mark’s cloud and mobile applications make that a possibility. With them, you can accomplish office tasks even while you’re away from the office.

Benefits of Cloud and Mobile Applications

Our selection of cloud-based applications allows you to access your business information easily and securely without a computer. Their benefits include:

  • Less strain on your company’s IT resources
  • The ability to print documents wirelessly at different company sites
  • Elimination of the need to install printer drivers
  • The option to scan files and images from your multifunction printer to your mobile phone
  • Less need to carry paper documents with you
  • The ability to save, retrieve and print documents in Google Drive and Evernote directly from your MFP

To learn more about our available cloud and mobile applications, contact R. L. Mark.