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18 March 2015

The Managed Print Services definition is broad. Simply put, it's a system of print management that allows organizations to measure, manage and gain control of their total print environment.  Hidden cost become visible and savings of 30% are usually acheivable.  

How Will My Organization Benefit From Managed Print Services?

Outsourcing print management will benefit your company in ways you may not have considered, it will restore valuable time to your team to focus on tasks that actually develop your business. Here are just a few of the most compelling advantages:

Cost Savings. For small to medium sized businesses, 1 to 3% of yearly revenue is spent printing and generating documents. By implementing a Managed Print Service program you will experience significant increased visibility of your daily print environment with practical strategies to reduce and sustain cost control. With MPS, devices will be optomized, supply costs reduced, workflows improved all resulting in a total print environment improvement that flows to your bottom line.

Less Down Time. Printer down time causes frustration and loss of productivity. With Managed Print Services, you'll enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact for emergency services, technical support, and preventive maintenance. We remotely monitor usage, replenishing supplies like paper, toner, and ink before a shortage occurs and negatively impacts your day.

Environmental Responsibility. If it's good for your business, chances are it's also good for the environment. Use less energy, reduce consumable usage and keep waste out of landfills. The result? You'll save both time and money, while feeling great about the impact you are having on our environment.  

Concentrate on Your Real Business

Our Managed Print Services team will prepare a comprhensive customized proposal that will highlight the benefits available to your organization and they will oversee the implementation of an intelligent Print Management solution.  An at-your-fingertips, easy to implement, intelligent business solution that increases productivity, reduces cost and saves the environment.  A good decsion at the best of times but even more so during these challenging times.  Say hello to a new day.

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