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22 April 2015

Many small to medium businesses are making the smart move to a multifunction printer, and for good reason. These office workhorses can take the pressure off your organization in ways you may not have considered. Networking and Wi-Fi capabilities along with superior imaging technology make MFPs one of the best choices for increasing productivity.

Enjoy These Benefits

New advances in software and technology make the newest MFPs user-friendly, with features like intuitive touch-screen interfaces, easy user-replacement of consumables, and more.

  • Advanced Technologies. With multiple levels of security, both on device and on your network, you can be certain your proprietary information is protected from threats. Technologies like scan to fax or email, mobile printing, high monthly duty cycles and cloud-based scanning capabilities allow employees to share, edit, and print documents quickly, securely, and conveniently.

  • Professional Finishing Results. You'll save resources by printing reports, booklets, and proposals in-house. Features like automatic duplexing, stapling, collating, and hole punching combined with high-resolution printing means you can count on professional results every time.

Four Functions in One Efficient Device

Replacing four office technologies—copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine—with one new, efficient device has some other great advantages.

  • Improve Workflows. Finding ways to save steps is always a good idea when trying to get more accomplished in your work day. The ability to copy, print, scan, and fax in one location increases productivity. And freeing up some room with a multifunction printer can be one of the best ways to use office space more efficiently.

  • Save Energy. A fleet of older inefficient machines wastes a considerable amount of energy. The new multifunction printers are designed with state-of-the-art energy saving features. You'll also reduce electrical hazards caused by cord clutter and cut down on the heat generated by multiple devices.

To learn more about the considerable benefits offered by multifunction printers, contact R. L. Mark today!