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29 April 2015

Smart businesses know that improving customer service is one of the best ways to gain an edge over the competition, and improving wait times is a great place to start. Surveys show that satisfaction decreases dramatically with every moment customers are asked to wait while an issue is being addressed. A document management system is the perfect solution for improving customer service.

Don't Make Them Wait

  • Improve wait times. Today's consumers have grown accustomed to instant answers and fast customer service. With a document management system, your business processes are automated, and your documents are organized in a central location. Because everything is digitized, document retrieval is fast and easy with a simple keyword search.
  • Up-to-date information, every time. Old systems of file sharing had some obvious flaws. It was difficult to know if the version that was emailed or placed in a paper file showed the most current information. With a document management system, there's a clear trail of who has opened the file and what updates were made. You have the assurance that the document you access is the most current edition, virtually eliminating costly and embarrassing errors and call-backs to correct mistakes.

Protect Their Information

Even huge corporations are vulnerable to attacks by hackers. According to betanews, in 2014 alone, hackers made off with passwords, credit card numbers, health care data, personal photographs, and sensitive corporate information. It's no wonder customers are cautious about trusting businesses with their private information. Taking steps to make sure your organization doesn't fall prey to hackers is more important than ever, and it's also one of the best customer service moves you can make.

  • Control who has access to your files.
    Paper and email sharing of sensitive files is a disaster waiting to happen. Files secured by a document management system can only be accessed by those authorized to see them.
  • Backed up and safe. With a document management system, your files are backed up on or off-site facility (preferable) with its own secure server. In the event of a disaster resulting in lost data, you have the assurance that your company's collective knowledge is safe.
  • Safe file sharing. Document management guarantees your files are safe during all processes. Data encryption ensures your sensitive information isn't vulnerable to outside threats.

To discover more ways your company can improve customer service with a document management system, contact R.L. Mark & Company today!