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14 May 2015

From going green to achieving better security for your files, it makes good business sense to begin taking steps toward a paperless office. A document management system can help your company realize its goal to streamline workflows, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint by digitizing inefficient paper files.

The Benefits of a Paperless Office

A Centralized Document Repository

With a document management system, files are stored in a central location where they can be accessed by anyone authorized to see them, and from any location. With real-time versioning, anyone accessing the file can see the most recent updates, revert to an older version, or see who opened the file and when. Search and retrieval takes a matter of seconds with simple filename or keyword searches.

Reduced Costs

Paper files cost your company money. If it takes an employee 20 minutes to access a paper file and see the process through to completion, and the employee repeats the process 8 times in a day, you can easily see how much that costs over the course of a year. Accessing a file stored through a document management solution takes seconds. You'll also save office space and the costs associated with maintaining and storing paper filing systems.

Integration & Security

Software Integration

A document management solution that integrates with programs already on your computers and servers will help your company further streamline office processes. You'll save time and increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Enhanced Security

Paper files are not secure. With a document management solution, your files are protected with several layers of security. Access controls and permissions allow management to decide who can see certain files, and tracking systems show who has accessed the files. Your digitized files are backed up and protected from unauthorized users at all times.

A document management solution from R.L. Mark will help your company streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and save money. To learn more, contact us today!