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28 May 2015

Conventional wisdom says that it's usually less expensive to do something yourself. That's not the case with managed print services. In fact, by outsourcing your print environment to a managed services provider, you'll realize savings of up to 30% on your current printing costs. Let's take a look at how those savings and the related conveniences, add up:

Measure It, Then Manage It

  • Data you can use. Managed print services includes remote monitoring of print practices, down to the department and the device. These figures can be a real eye-opener for many businesses. With no time or method to track printing, most companies have no idea how much is being printed or how much it costs. With managed print services, ongoing monitoring means you'll know exactly what is printed, and where, so you can take action to reduce unnecessary and wasteful printing.

  • Gain control of consumables. Managed print services providers take over the hassle of ordering and maintaining ink and toner cartridge inventories. You can eliminate messy storage cabinets and enjoy the convenience of automatic ordering. Your cartridges will arrive when you need them, with no more emergency outages or backup supplies to deal with.

Get the Most Out of Your Printers

  • Enhanced printing workflows. Managed print services also provides an analysis of your fleet of printers, with recommendations to better utilize the devices you currently own. Unnecessary equipment will be retired, with others repositioned to optimize workflows.

  • An optimized fleet. Skipped maintenance, missed warnings signs and overuse can all result in printer breakdowns. Managed print services monitors your fleet, receiving alerts whenever a problem is detected. A service technician is dispatched to your location to fix the problem, often before you've become aware of its existence, and well before it has a chance to negatively impact your work day. Say goodbye to frequent breakdowns and the expense of emergency repair services, outsourced printing expenses, and missed deadlines.

  • Free up IT staff. When IT personnel have to come running every time a toner cartridge needs replacing, or a malfunction is detected, they use up valuable time better spent on strategic projects. With managed print services experts on retainer for your printer fleet, your IT staff can focus on your value-added tasks.

To learn more ways managed print services can benefit your company, contact R. L. Mark & Company today!