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01 June 2015

Most companies have no clear method to track printing, and studies show that as much as 90% of total printing costs are uncontrolled or unknown. Most IT and accounting departments simply do not have the tools or the time required to keep print infrastructures under control. That's why so many businesses are looking to managed print services for help.

How does a managed print service work?

Managed print services helps your company gain control of print spending by managing your entire print infrastructure, including all support, supplies, and services. The process is simple:

  • A complete assessment of your printing environment is conducted. The assessment reveals print volumes and the total costs associated with all document printing, followed by a strategy to bring printing processes under control.

  • Ongoing monitoring and monthly data reports keep print volumes and habits transparent and under control.

How will managed print services affect my bottom line?

Companies implementing managed print services can expect to see a 30% reduction in total printing costs, with a predictable per-page monthly cost. This is accomplished through several avenues:

  • Control of consumables. From suggestions on how to stop wasting ink and toner to automatic reordering, managed print services takes care of the problem of consumables and the associated administrative costs. Alerts are sent when toner is low, and supplies are sent automatically, eliminating bulky storage cabinets as well as emergency shortages.

  • Improved workflows. Gain efficiency with a workflow assessment that eliminates duplications and recommends replacement and consolidation of printers. The results are improved workflows and increased productivity.

  • Fewer downtimes. An estimated 30% to 40% of helpdesk calls to IT staff are printer related. Managed print services provides ongoing monitoring of your printer fleet. Alerts are sent when problems are detected, and a service technician is dispatched to fix the problem. Many issues are resolved before anyone is aware of them, and before they have a chance to bring workdays to a screeching halt. And since service is an integral part of managed print services, expensive emergency repair fees will be a thing of the past.

For an assessment of your print infrastructure and more ways to decrease costs, contact R. L. Mark & Company today!