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04 June 2015

Partnering with a managed services provider to augment your IT resources is a positive move. With tedious tasks offloaded to a services provider, you and your employees will be relieved of the everyday frustrations that can impede progress.

As with any business partnership, the relationship begins with a clear understanding of the roles played by both parties.

Understand Your Service Agreement

Well-defined roles. It's important that both sides clearly understand the service agreement. Your managed services provider needs to know not only what you expect of them, but also what parts of your infrastructure you wish to manage yourself. If you're not clear on the specifics of your service agreement, be sure to ask. Misunderstandings can occur if roles and duties are not clearly defined.

Understand Your Current Situation

A thorough assessment. Transitioning to managed services may be a good time for a thorough assessment of your infrastructure. Is your technology current, or is it time for an upgrade? Do your components work well together? You may want to tap into the knowledge and expertise of your MSP to gain a clearer picture. You'll want to clearly define whether this service is included in your service agreement or is a separately billed service.

Communicate Your Business Goals

Thoroughly explain your business. Your managed services provider needs to understand more than just your IT needs. They should have a clear understanding of the nature of your business, and what you hope to accomplish in the future. They may have recommendations you may not have considered, and may even have insight into what others in the same industry are doing to meet their goals. Your managed services provider is a wealth of expertise and information, especially when you take the time to explain your goals with them.

Define Your Weaknesses

What are your IT personnel weaknesses? Point out any areas where your IT personnel resources are especially thin and find out if your services provider can fill this gap. They may be able to provide training or retraining. Make sure you understand whether these are extra services or are covered by your service agreement.

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