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18 June 2015

Great Managed Services partnerships begin with mutual understanding, respect, and trust. Here are more ways your company can make the transition to managed services with ease.

Clearly Define Procedures and Expectations

  • Understand communications procedures. It's critical to make both parties have a clear understanding of status updates, including format and frequency, and the best procedure for feedback.

  • Have reasonable requirements and expectations. Make sure you have clearly defined response time parameters. Your Managed Services provider will very likely respond to your needs much faster than you were able to handle them in-house. Nonetheless, it's a good idea for both parties to understand all expectations thoroughly.

Culture and Trust

  • Explain your company's culture. Helping your Managed Services partner understand your culture will go a long way toward a great beginning and a long-term business relationship. Are there certain procedures and protocols everyone has come to expect? Letting your MSP know about these can ahead of time can help everyone avoid misunderstandings.

  • Build on trust. A business partnership based upon mutual respect and trust is good for both parties. Managed Services providers are in the business of taking tedious tasks off your hands so you and your team can focus on strategic initiatives and creative innovation. If your IT staff wasn't expecting a Managed Services partner to come on board, they may feel threatened or slighted by your decision. If you make sure your personnel understand that managed services are being offered to free them up to do their real jobs, they'll appreciate the effort, and a great relationship will begin.

Invest in the Future

Occasionally businesses engage Managed Services providers to take care of a specific issue, which may seem pressing at the time. Once the fire is out, you may wonder whether you still need the Services provider, but here's when you'll want to take a good look at the future. Managed Services providers can take your company from crisis-management mode to a proactive approach that allows your business to really take off. With your infrastructure fine-tuned and optimized, you can focus on future goals with confidence.

To find out more ways Managed Services can help your company gain a prosperous future, contact R. L. Mark today!