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02 July 2015

Your company may be among those who have chosen to take a 'wait and see' approach to electronic document management. That makes sense. Not every trend turns out to be a good return on investment, and it often pays to be cautious before dumping capital into new technologies.

Fortunately, electronic document management and its smart paperless practices have a proven track record of quantifiable benefits for companies of all sizes.

Measurable ROI

Save on paper and consumables. With the average office worker printing nearly 10,000 documents every year, switching to a paperless document management system can result in big savings. Estimates put the reduction in photocopies at 75% for the average organization.

Reclaim Office Space. Keeping paper files cozy year round is a huge drain on business revenues. Some companies devote entire rooms to boxes of archived files when current demand takes over filing cabinets and shelves. When those rooms fill to capacity, offsite storage is required. Switching to digitized processes means the majority of cumbersome and inefficient boxes, cabinets, and binders can be eliminated, freeing up expensive office space for value-added projects.

Save Time. Lots of Time.

It's difficult to quantify the amount of time saved when organizations turn paper processes into streamlined digital workflows, but let's just say it's substantial. Consider these estimates.

  • Paper-heavy organizations like accounting firms estimate their employees access printers an average of 60 times within the course of one week. This translates to 15 hours per month at the company printer. The possibilities for savings by eliminating this step are staggering.

  • Bypassing the printer means employees can save and then access documents in a few seconds with just a few clicks. Digitized documents can be retrieved in moments. When compared to the hours it often takes to locate paper files (and sometimes they're not located at all), it's clear that savings will add up very quickly.

  • Accessing client information becomes fast and easy, with responses to their inquiries handled in a matter of seconds, not days. Today's tech-savvy customers are accustomed to instant answers and fast responses. When companies take too long to answer their questions, they'll simply take their business elsewhere.

To discover more ways an efficient document management solution can help your company save time and money, contact our expert staff at R. L. Mark today!