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09 July 2015

One of the best ways businesses can improve workflows is to outsource their printing infrastructure to a managed print services provider. Most businesses have no real way to achieve effective print management on their own. From hidden costs and frequent downtimes, an unmanaged print environment can cost companies far too much—in both time and money.

Downtimes Cause Headaches

Everyone knows it’s a bad day when workflows come to a halt due to printer problems. Without managed print services, frustrating days like this are more frequent and present a number of less-than-satisfactory choices to regain print functionality:

  • Outsource to a printing company. Aside from the high cost per page, there’s the cost and inconvenience of sending someone back and forth to pick up documents, plus the wait times that put important projects on hold.

  • Take company IT personnel away from their duties and ask them to troubleshoot your printers. Since most IT people aren’t well-versed in printers, this could take some time. They may also need to track down replacement parts, causing further delays.

  • Call a service technician. While you may find a technician who can take care of the problem, you’ll need to schedule an appointment and pay emergency service call rates.

Find Out What You’re Really Spending

Most companies don’t have a defined method to track print spending. Managed print services can track print volumes and print infrastructure spending across your organization. As a result, you’ll gain a clear picture of exactly what your organization is currently spending.

Benefit from an Optimized Fleet

Without buying any new equipment, you’ll benefit from an optimized printer fleet. Ongoing maintenance will keep your equipment running smoothly. Automatic alerts when toner is low or when a problem is detected means a technician will drop by your office to fix the problem. The result? Far fewer downtimes and out-of-toner emergencies that negatively impact workflows.

To learn how your company can improve workflows while saving up to 30% on print spending, contact R. L. Mark today!