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25 September 2015

You may consider your print environment to be just another unavoidable cost. However, if you manage it right, it can become one of your greatest platforms of saving money and improving your overall business strategy.

Angele Boyd states that companies are wasting an average of 14% of their revenue in their print world. Not spending—key word: wasting. How can you scoop back up that 14% and in turn SAVE up to 30% in your printing costs? Managed Print Services offer the solutions businesses from all over are experiencing.

Managed Print Services: The Solution

Since over half of business content is unmanaged (most of it being paper), you can see why waste is a common thread. Managed Print Services weave a different thread through you print environment: one of saving and productivity.

  1. Work out solutions. MPS helps remove the drain and pressure of managing multiple print devices.
  2. Gain a strategy. The MPS program evaluates where you are at and where the wasted money is slipping to. MPS takes the bull by the horns and shows you how to reverse the hemorage in the future. We are experienced at redeeming waste in exchange for savings.
  3. Enjoy quality support. MPS will maintain, support and secure your print devices, often fixing problems before they interupt your business.
  4. Save time. MPS protects one of your most valuable resources: time. An MPS partner takes primary responsibility for managing your print fleet and gives you back time and energy to focus on developing your core business. 
  5. Improve customer service. Managed Print Services transform your organization and makes it easier to quickly access information and produce the needed documents.

Contact us to stop the trend of wasting and begin saving instead. Watch solutions and strategies spring from you interaction with R. L. Mark's Managed Print Services Consultants.