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06 October 2015

How would Document Management change classic literature? Solid, thrilling plot twists are both delightful and heart-wrenching when you come across them in a good book or a fast-paced movie. However, who wants a plot twist in the work day? We don't know of very many people who do.

Document Management provides an instant, full-text search feature and backup plans. Imagine the plot twists THAT would have saved if applied to your favorite classic story.

Bye, Bye Plot Twists

  • If Document Management existed in Austen's day, Mr. Bennett could have managed his finances and established employee efficiency and productivity . . . thus, his daughters never would have had to rely on making rich matches.

  • What if Gandalf could have instantly researched and pulled up data on the "One Ring to Rule Them All"? This would have enabled him to send Frodo immediately on his way to Mordor, and he could have shared the document regarding the ring via email to the council.

  • In Star Wars, Princess Leia transmitted plans via a hard disk, in a droid, on an escape pod. The farmer accidentally found it on the planet and he also happened to know the guy that needed to get them. Electronic sharing would have removed all the chance involved.

  • Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride could have accessed data with Document Management, quickly tracking down the whereabouts of the 6 fingered man.

  • And, if poor Jo March would have had her book of short stories backed up in a secure electronic system like document management, Amy never could have burnt up the precious pages.

Ah well. Perhaps plots twists enhance fictitious adventures but in your office you want to skip the drama. Stay connected and secure with document management. Request the support of document management today!