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11 November 2015

Print management makes it possible for companies to reduce costs and increase productivity. It allows for staff satisfaction and better customer service all at the same time.

What can you specifically expect from print management? You can expect economic sense, more productivity, and more security. Let's capitalize on those points.

Print Management: Economic sense

Businesses usually save up to 30% on costs. Obviously, this makes a huge difference in the budget. Print management does this by reducing paper and toner usage. It introduces features like duplex printing and default to mono printing. Print management helps you better utilize software and boost efficiency in your print environment.

Print Management: More Productivity

Managed print services optimize workflow, reduces downtimes and shrinks the duties of your in-house IT staff. With print management, your staff can focus on core issues without the distractions of overall upkeep of your printer fleet. This gives them the opportunity to be more productive with their time.

Print Management: Security

Do you need your sensitive data to be confidential and protected? Security is a huge priority in small and large companies alike. What does this have to do with print management? Print management allows for improved monitoring and the protection of data and documents. The software can be tailored to keep things relevant in regards to your control and usage of sensitive, confidential data.

What will the managed print services team do?

The MP team will assess your current print environment and then enrich it with more control for you, more optimization and will enhance any document workflow processes.

Are you ready to save up to 30% on print costs? Sign up for print management to boost your financial department, provide more productivity and more security.

Contact us about employing print management for your office today.