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03 December 2015

You know how buzzwords start to lose their meaning after a while? Words like "synergy" and "green" have been applied to so many situations and products that they hardly mean anything anymore. Maybe you're feeling that way about "the cloud."

It's another one of those phrases we've heard so often we don't hear it at all anymore. But discounting the power of cloud computing can be dangerous for your company's productivity and relevance. Customers expect responsive and fast service, and using the flexibility of the cloud could be the best way to get you there.

Why Today's Documents Need the Cloud

Perhaps the biggest reason today's businesses need the cloud is because we live in an age of information. Information is key: we use information to target our marketing, hone our products, communicate effectively, and push our competitive edge. Today, data about a client or company practice is incredibly valuable.

But managing this information can be costly and time-consuming. Software and hardware infrastructure for maintaining documents is difficult and expensive to create. Cloud computing can help solve this problem and others, such as:

  • The rising cost of hosting solutions
  • Out-of-date software and hardware
  • Difficulty for off-site workers to access corporate systems

Your Checklist for Cloud-Based Document Management

Cloud-based document management makes your documents available 24/7/365, no matter where you're working. Here's what you should look for in a cloud-based document management system.

  • Easy information capturing. When you scan a document into this document management system, can it capture information from the page to help tag and classify it?
  • Regulatory compliance. Does this system show full audits of edits, changes, and deletions for adherence to industry regulations?
  • Mobile access. It's no secret that companies are relying on mobile technology to get the job done. Will this document management system work with mobile access for increased productivity?

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