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15 December 2015

Data security is the phrase of the decade. While we have more access to information than ever before, we're also more connected to hackers, spyware, and viruses than ever before. Whether an online threat is due to spammers or something more sinister, business data is rarely entirely safe.

Since data breaches have been in the news all year long, how can a small or medium-sized business keep information secure? One answer that companies are turning to in droves is cloud (online) document storage. Don't let misconceptions about online security keep you from considering cloud document storage and its potential benefits.

Why Cloud Storage?

In previous years, many of us associated online data storage with less security, and for good reason. The security measures companies were taking were behind the technologies and abilities of hackers and malware. Today, however, online storage serves the function of being more secure than localized storage. Here's why.

1. Online Storage Provides Redundancy

Cloud storage often acts as an automatic backup to any localized document storage, meaning that your documents are stored redundantly—always. Yo can imagine the obvious upsides to this practice.

2. Online Storage Ensures Data Survival

Disasters are a regular occurrence, whether they're natural or man-made. When your information isn't trapped on hard drives around your office, you're able to keep your business running regardless of the state of your office space.

3. Online Storage is More Secure Than Ever

With the technological advances of the past decade, online storage has become an incredibly secure option, especially if it's used correctly. Ensure you have regular password changes and that you educate employees about online safety.

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