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06 January 2016

Ready for your mind to be blown?

Numbers aren't always the most effective way to make us change our minds; after all, numbers can be impersonal and confusing. But there are some fairly clear numbers around document management that suggest many companies just aren't doing it right. Document management, when done correctly, should save your company time, money, and energy.

Here are a few stats that might make you rethink your current document management strategy.

1. Misplaced and Damaged Documents Lost 21.3% of Productivity in 2012

The most recent data on the subject suggests that lost, damaged, or corrupted documents accounted for a 21.3% reduction in productivity. That's a huge number, and when you consider the profitability lost as a result, it's a staggering statistic. A unified electronic document management system can completely eliminate this lost productivity.

2. 92% of Office Workers Collaborate on Documents Over Email

Imagine one of the least efficient ways to perform a task—and now imagine that 92% of businesses are using that method almost exclusively. That's the situation with collaboration. Email collaboration on documents creates a whole host of issues from file transfer problems to competing edits to the sheer volume of emails, versions of documents, and time. Why not simplify this with a document management system, allowing employees to work on the same document at the same time, reconcile edits easily, add comments, and save seamlessly.

3. One Simple Trick—E-Signatures—Can Save You $20 Per Document

$20 per document. That's the price tag of good old physical pen-and-paper signatures. You might think that the way you sign documents every day in your office is simple and straightforward, but it takes hours of manpower, and most documents must be printed to sign, then scanned back into an electronic format. What a waste of time, paper, ink, energy, and employee resources. Research has revealed that you can save $20 per document simply by implementing e-signatures, which is simple and fast with document management.

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