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18 January 2016

You're busy, you're harried, you're frazzled. We can't offer you a hot cup of coffee and a snack bar, so instead we're offering the next best thing—which may turn out to be even better.

Meet your new best friend at work, the multifunction printer. You may have been introduced in passing while you sprinted down the hall to a conference room, but it's time to get up close and personal. Find out just how much time and energy this miracle machine can save you.

The Multifunction Printer: Swiss Army Knife of the Office

You're used to multitasking, and you're darn good at it. The multifunction printer is even better at it. Without taking up too much room or draining too much energy, these fantastic machines offer unparalleled productivity and versatility.


You can't take a break, so neither should your machines. The best multifunction printers available from R.L. Mark offer speeds of 45-55 prints or copies per minute, making sure you're on time and ahead of the game.

Easy to Use

Who has time to learn a new, complicated technology every time they need to make a copy? No one, that's who. With one-touch printing and touchscreen capabilities, modern multifunction printers are the gold standard in usability.


Power-save mode, earth-smart printing, double-sided defaults, and more make your multifunction printer a conscientious citizen. Don't compromise your green business goals in exchange for productivity- with these machines, you can have both.

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