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26 January 2016

Self-five! You threw that stack of papers into the recycling bin instead of the trash can. You're winning the sustainability battle today: time to take a break.

Although we support any sustainable actions, can we suggest taking a different approach to your green initiatives? In many companies, green practices are the exception, not the norm, especially when it comes to paper. We understand; going green can seem daunting, and even expensive. But with the right tools at your disposal, going green is as easy as falling off a log (oh, and reducing the number of logs you consume).

How Managed Print Makes Going Green Simple

Managed print services are the green solution that more businesses than ever are turning to. With managed print, there's no guesswork, and you'll see direct improvements. Here's how it works.


Managed print is all about efficiency: it's about identifying and rooting out the myriad inefficiencies in your print environment. Because managed print services are comprehensive, this could include everything from how big your printer fleet is (i.e. are there machines plugged in all day that aren't used?) to outdated paper-based workflows (i.e. are there workflows slowing us down and using too much paper?). When you use your resources more efficiently, you use less of them, lowering your consumption of power, paper, ink, and more.

Simplified Product Ordering

Don't underestimate the green power of one very simple piece of managed print services: your printing supplies will come all together, every month, from the same source. Instead of adding to your carbon footprint by ordering ink cartridges one at a time or by making an emergency run to the office supply store, simplify with consolidated supply ordering.

These are just a few of the ways that managed print services can help you go green. For more information about managed print services, contact us today.