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09 February 2016

You know how much your company spends each year in payroll. You know how much it costs to heat and power your office building. You know how much you shell out in travel expenses. You're a careful budget hawk, and it pays off in the end.

But do you know how much you spend on printing? You may think the answer is yes, but statistics show you likely don't. Gartner estimates that up to 90% of companies don't know what they spend annually on printing for one simple reason: printing costs are spread across your organization.

Here are just a few examples of printing costs businesses often don't consider:

  • Machine maintenance and repair
  • Energy consumption by inefficient devices
  • Labor hours spent working with faulty machines and wasted on slow processes
  • Supply shipping costs and other markups

More often than not, printing costs are sporadic and spread across departmental budgets. Even the most careful budgeters may not be able to aggregate, predict, and—most importantly—control these costs adequately.

Problem, Meet Solution: Managed Print Services

So what's the solution? If 90% of companies can't get this right, how can you?

It's a simple, straightforward solution: managed print services. With managed print services, your entire printing budget will be bundled into one low monthly fee. You'll have predictability, control, and efficiency back in an area that is sorely in need of it.

Managed print services provide a level of efficiency that most companies couldn't achieve on their own. Rooting out inefficient processes, machines, and workflows can save your company money quickly. In fact, managed print pays for itself.

Get your free managed print services assessment today to preview the savings. Contact us to learn more.